AlertTabs is an original Bennu-patented sign system focused on communication between industry professionals, their clients, patients and the general public.

AlertTabs® Brochure

Our original concept is designed to simplify information aesthetically, and provide you the flexibility to make future changes or tab additions at minimal cost. Within all healthcare facilities, hotels, businesses—and even within your home or office—there exists a fundamental need for clear, concise communication between different people entering the same space.

Products & Uses

AlertTabs is a patented modular communication system originally designed for healthcare facilities. This easy-to-use signage system integrates lockable information tabs that are only visible when needed. This visual queue notifies nurses, doctors, hospital staff and visitors about specific concerns and precautions when caring for a patient.

AlertTabs signage also provides a practical solution in the hospitality industry and in office environments to help you manage conference rooms and meeting venues. The AlertTabs system is built upon slide-out tabs that feature customizable icons that lock in the active position. The interchangeable icons allow for flexibility on future changes.

The AlertTabs system can be framed into an ADA required room sign, or serve as a stand-alone unit above or below an existing sign. These signs are perfectly placed per ADA guidelines in plain view for care providers as they initiate interaction with the patient.

Example of healthcare AlertTabs
Example of hospitality AlertTabs
Example of educational AlertTabs


Because wall space may be limited, AlertTabs are modular and designed to be arranged in nearly any configuration or quantity. The tabs can pull out from the sides, top or bottom of the sign if needed. This makes AlertTabs the most versatile communication sign system on the market.

Example arrangement of AlertTabs in a triangle
Example arrangement of AlertTabs in a rectangle
Example arrangement of AlertTabs in a circle
Example arrangement of AlertTabs in a star
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