Exterior Signage

Bennu is proud to offer in-house manufacturing of all types of exterior signs. We are licensed by UL Underwriters Laboratory to build illuminated cabinets and letters. We use only aluminum and plastics to ensure a rust-free sign for life. Energy conservation is one of our core values, and LEDs offer the most energy efficient way to illuminate a sign. LEDs are long lasting, bright and will save you money over the life of the sign.


The visitor and patient experience starts the moment they pull up to your facility. Your monument sign can say a lot about the quality of their experience. Monument signs come in all shapes and sizes. Bennu can design, engineer and build 100, 25, or 5’ tall monumental signage that complements your building’s architecture and branding. We can also incorporate electronic message centers (EMCs) for dynamic messaging, or add static displays for multiple tenants.

Example of an exterior monument sign
Example of exterior signage monument at a hospital

Directional Signage

Bennu can design, build and maintain exterior campus directional signage to let visitors, patients and deliveries know they have arrived at their destination, and to help direct them to the right entrance safely and efficiently.

Illuminated Channel Letters and Logos

Illuminated building letters are great way to display your brand. It can serve as directional beacon for you visitors by being visible from greater distances day or night. We manufacture face or reverse illuminated letters, or a combination of both.

Exterior signage with illuminated letters
Exterior signage garage sign example

Parking Garage Signage

How many times have we struggled to find our cars in parking garage levels that all look the same? Memorable designs and messaging are essential. Bennu can help you develop traffic directional, level indicator, stair, elevator signage and vehicular headache bars. A good experience in your parking garage is as important as the rest of your company services.

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